The Top 5 Valentine’s Day Themed Candies Reviewed On Candy Critic

1 – Chocolate Hearts
Nothing says “I love you” like high quality chocolate, it guarantees that you won’t step into the cheap/cheesy side of Valentine’s Day treats.
2 – Lindt Frog Prince
The concept of this treat is kind of creative, but the chocolate beneath the foil is great, so your true love should be happy… unless they used to be a frog.
3 – Cherry Lovers
This is a great choice if the one you love doesn’t like chocolate. Having said that, if the one you love doesn’t like chocolate, you might want to reconsider.
4 – Cinnamon Hearts
I don’t totally understand why you’d want to burn off the taste buds of your true love, but these are pretty popular, so what do I know.
5 – Jelly Belly “Conversation Beans”
If they want something like Conversation Hearts, but want to avoid the chalky texture.

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You Can’t Rely On Anybody – Zip “Double”

If you’ve read this blog, or if you search through, you’ll find that I have a love affair with certain candy brands. This love affair doesn’t come from them sending me free candy, or even out of nostalgia. The thing that makes me love a candy company is when they produce good candy. It’s even more astounding if I fall in love with a candy company that’s fairly big, or even more rare, gigantic. Cadbury is one of those few brands, they’re a huge company that sells chocolate all over the world. They also produce some of the best mass produced chocolate bars that I know of.

The thing is, sometimes the ones you love, disappoint you. You still love them, and you hold out hope that it’s not a decline, but just a misstep. This Zip “Double” bar is what I hope to be a small misstep from the  people at Cadbury. It’s not a horrible bar, but it’s way too average for a brand that’s made me happy so often.
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Amazing Candy/Junk Food Things That You Should Buy For Me For My Birthday – A Really Good Ice Cream Maker

It’s funny, for years I’ve always wanted an ice cream maker, but for some reason I still don’t own one. I have an appliance that just makes rice, one that keeps water at a boil constantly, but I don’t own an appliance that makes ice cream.


Lots Of Australian Candy This Week – Freddo

When we left for Australia, I didn’t think that I would be picking up too many treats. My plan was to pick up maybe 4 or 5 treats and review them on the go. It started out pretty well, but at about the halfway point of the trip, I realized that I was going to be getting a lot more Australian treats than I expected. I was hoping to be able to write all of my reviews while I was in Australia, but that didn’t happen, I ended up coming home with a pretty good collection of treats to review.

This week we’ll post a bunch of the treats, but I get the feeling that a few are going to be sitting in our reserve to post on a rainy day.
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Back From Australia With An Australian Candy Review – Chokka The Quokka

We’re back, and I’m spending most of my time going through everything that we’ve done. I wasn’t really expecting to have so many new treats to review, but I think I’ll be posting many Australian candies on the site for the next few weeks. I think I might even squeeze in a review-a-thon. The trip was great, but I’m glad to be back home and back at it.

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