Tom’s Look At The Visual Side Of Christmas Snacks And Candy – Christmas Haul Part 2

As I walked home from work Monday night, the display window at Paisley’s Wee British Shop had one of the below tin boxes of Kit Kat shaped and decorated like a British double-decker bus.

Also in the shop were several large containers that resembles a Jaffa Cake with a bite out of it. For those unfamiliar with this British treat, the Jaffa Cake was introduced by McVitie & Price in 1927. The name comes from the Jaffa orange. The treat is made from a Genoise sponge cake base topped by an orange flavoured jam with the whole thing coated in chocolate.

Based on the ample size of the container, this must contain quite a few of the delicious treats!


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We’re Starting Another Review-a-Thon All About Dairy Milk – Dairy Milk “Caramello”

I’ve gone on record on countless times saying that I believe that Cadbury is one of (if not the) best mass produced chocolate bar manufacturer in the world. The star chocolate bar in their selection is their Dairy Milk chocolate bars. This bar started as just a simple milk chocolate bar, but has now changed into something much bigger. Even when I was a kid there weren’t too many versions of this bar, however today you’ll find Dairy Milk chocolate with so many flavours and fillings, all over the world. In some ways this has improved this chocolate bar line, but sometimes they don’t really get everything right.

All this week we’re going to look at some of the variations we’ve discovered lately. We’ve already reviews so many versions  of this bar (check out our full list here), but there seems to be many more to try. We’re also going to do something a little different this week, and we’re going to include a bar that isn’t made by Cadbury, but still claims to be a Dairy Milk.

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The Candy Critic’s Thanksgiving Candy Ideas That Should Exist

There are so many flavours associated with Thanksgiving, and many have crossed over to the snacking world. Pumpkin spice is probably the most popular flavour right now, but there are also many potato chips flavoured with inspirations from this holiday as well. I seem to remember Jones Soda pulled off Thanksgiving flavours at one point, and people went nuts over them. I personally think we need more snacks with the awesome flavours of Thanksgiving, but I’m not just going to complain about it.

Instead I’m designing a few Thanksgiving candy and snack creations, and best of all for the candy/snack companies out there, I’m giving the concepts away. I invite any snack or candy company to use these ideas, all I ask in return is that you send me some samples. I’ll even post a review on

Sweet Potato Marshmallows

The connection between sweet potatoes and marshmallows is a weird one. I don’t know how it started,  but I can’t deny that it works. One of the thing it taught me is that sweet potatoes work well in sweets. In Asia sweet potato candies are common, but not in North America. That’s why I think introducing a sweet potato candy in North America around Thanksgiving makes sense. If you tie it with marshmallows it just could be the novelty candy that people grow to love.

Mashed Potatoes and Gravy Pop Tarts

The idea of a savoury Pop Tart is due. McDonald’s in Asia have been selling savoury pies for years, and what is a Pop Tart other than a flat pie. I think theming it to Thanksgiving would be a great way to introduce this concept, and mash potatoes and gravy would be the perfect flavour and texture combination. You could fill the pie with the mashed potatoes and then make a nice gravy (unsweetened) topping. After that the sky’s the limit, chicken pot pie, pizza, so many choices.

Cranberry Bubble Gum

Of all the concepts I’m presenting today, I think cranberry gum is the most logical and least intimidating. It’s so logical that I wouldn’t be surprised if someone mentions in the comments that it already exists. I think cranberry could easily become the flavour of Thanksgiving much like pumpkin spice, this way we’d have a flavour to put between pumpkin spice and peppermint/candy cane.

Turkey Spice Corn Bread Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Icing

This next idea requires a little bit of imagination. Take your a average store bought cupcake, like a Hostess Cupcake, and flip it around. Go savoury over sweet, and use some Thanksgiving flavours. To start, get rid of the cake and go cornbread instead. Then take the spices one normally uses in turkey stuffing, and flavour your cornbread. If you so choose, maybe fill it with mashed potatoes as well. Next, top this cake off with some savoury cream cheese. I think this would be a fun play on pumpkin spice, and done well could actually work. Having said that, if it does work, and Starbucks makes a frappuccino flavoured with Turkey Spice, I claim no responsibility.


Tom’s Look At The Visual Side Of Christmas Snacks And Candy – Christmas Haul Part 1

Aaah, Christmas time! This is the time of year when companies pull out all the stops to make tempting treats for dazzled eyes! Here are but a few seen recently while shopping…

This is the first time I’ve seen this item. It is a log cabin to build using Kit Kat bars. It’s a fun twist on the traditional gingerbread house. A second visit to the store revealed that Smarties are also involved in the bundle. The photograph I took shows the charming graphics of the bear outside the cabin. It may be his alternative to hibernating in a cave!

The second photo is of two Lindt Lindor treats of a massive proportion! It may not be apparent in the picture but these babies are the size of basketballs! If you are told you have to cut back on sweets and can have only one treat this season, maybe keep this monster in mind! If they’re as good as the regular size Lindors, it’s a win!!

Finally, a local grocery store has a sizable Lindt display that includes the brochure in the third photograph. This is an example of what my sister jokingly refers to as “chocolate porn”. On specifically selected paper stock with high quality printing, paper after page of chocolate Lindt products are temptingly laid out for daydreaming and list-making. Just look at the Lindt treats adorning the cake on the cover!!The season has just begun, folks! Hang in there and pace yourself. Don’t forget the New Year’s promise of copious regular exercise!


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It’s A New Episode Of Junk Fud On The Road, and It’s All About Malaysia

In this episode of Junk Fud on the Road, Chris and Allison talk about their quick adventure in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It was a very interesting place to visit, and the taps was amazing.

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I Love Candy That Looks Like Other Food – Burger Gum “Ketchup – Like Liquid Filled”

The thing about candy that looks like other food, is that it has to look good too. Looking good does not mean that it has to look exactly like the food it’s trying to imitate. I’m okay if a candy looks like a cartoon version of a food, anything, as long as when I see it I think about whatever food it’s trying to imitate. Sometimes the package over hypes a candy that’s supposed to look like another food, then when you open it up, you’re  wondering how anyone would think that this candy looks like anything other than a candy.

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